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Kira turned to her sister with an exasperated sigh. "Now look here Kara, the only person you're fooling is yourself, there is no way he likes me, and even if he did, he makes me sick." He was the eldest son of the Natago clan. Friesrick Tal Natago. "Don't be silly Kira; everyone knows how he looks at you." Kara giggled. Kira nibbled on the stalk of Tufweed Grass she had been holding. "You mean the way he looks at us? Isn't that how he looks at every girl with breasts and long legs?" "No silly, that's just boys in general!" Kara laughed. "I'm talking about that mixture of a glassed over and melting look. Besides, you know it's you he wants." "Oh please, he's just looking for a new conquest and I have no intention of just handing myself over to him, even if we weren't the heirs."

As the sisters stepped around a different side of the same tree and into a clearing in the woods, any observer would instantly know them for sisters, twins in fact. They each had shoulder length blonde hair, skin pale even for Xenther, emerald green eyes and a delicate build. Only someone who knew them well would be able to tell them apart easily. If one paid close enough attention though, one could see that Kira had slightly longer legs, and a larger bust, while her sister Kara had slightly lighter eyes and a younger face. But even with these differences, only a keen eye would be able to pick them out, provided enough time to observe them, something the twins never allowed.

The girls where the twin daughters of Ren Namago, head of the Namago clan and thus the clan heirs. This was a rare thing indeed for twins were rare, but bonded twins unheard of. Upon their birth, every Xenther was selected and bonded with by an elemental spirit. This gave the Xenther their power, though no one knew what the spirit got out of it.

The power of the Xenther is that of limited control of the element of the spirit bonded to them. Each Xenther was capable of controlling more or less power the same way a different people were stronger or weaker physically. Twins normally didn't bond, no one is sure why, but the theory is that they are so similar that it confuses the spirits and thus drive them away. Since only bonded Xenther could rule a clan, twins where ignored. But Kira and Kara where unique, they were twins and they were bonded, each with their own spirit. Normally, for reasons known only to it, each Spirit preferred to follow a single bloodline. For example the Namago Clan normally bonded with Fire or on the rare occasion an Earth spirit and the Natago clan normally bonded with an earth or water spirit. Kira was bonded to a fire Spirit, but Kara was bonded to a Wind Spirit. No one knew how strong they would be since the girls were not yet sixteen, so they did not yet have ability to call on their spirit bond.

Every Xenther was put through a trial at the age of sixteen, each trial was unique to the individual and they were forbidden to speak of it once they had passed it. So no Xenther child knew what to expect, only that they would gain the ability to call on their spirit bond. The purpose of this trial was to determine just how much power the individual had and if their mind was strong enough to control it. Those that couldn't control it 'burned out', their spirit bond shattered, it wasn't common but it did happen. In the case of Clan heirs such as Kira and Kara this trial also served to allow the parents to find a suitable spouse, preferably one at least as powerful in order to ensure strong children. But this was the farthest thing from the girls' minds at the moment.
Did a little be of editing and reworked it a bit.
Just wondering if you guys like this version or the original better?

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