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  • Listening to: Whatever iTunes throws at me.
  • Reading: Still looking for a good book. :(
  • Watching: Battlefield 3 Amoured Kill Trailer!
  • Playing: Battlefield 3, Total war and Pool of Radiance!
  • Eating: Eating is for peeps with money. I just drool.
  • Drinking: Still water <<
Heya peeps.
Sorry you guys haven't seen much in the way of original work from me lately, I've been a bit stressed and tired lately partly due to job hunting. It's insane what they want for some of these jobs! You practically need a college degree to flip burgers. :angry:

Any hoo, as for the spam of planets lately, that's because I've been doing a little work for a MMORTS that is in the works.
Feel free to check it out guys! ^^

I'm also working on another small project for a different game, you can find that here.…

Hopefully I'll be able to use at least one of these projects on my resume whenever I get a chance to get into Game Development like I want to. ^^

Last but not least I bring you :iconaskmark:! :D
Mark is a rather adorable little fellow that enjoys answering questions. Go pay him a visit. ^^
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Submitted on
July 26, 2012